Sonnenschein zwischen den Bäumen der Tiroler Alpen
Posthotel Achenkirch
Posthotel Achenkirch
Posthotel Achenkirch

Green luxury & sustainability

Stylish eco-hotel in Austria for guests with high standards

At our eco-hotel in Austria, we have dedicated ourselves entirely to green luxury and sustainability. So that you can enjoy your holidays with a clear conscience, we attach great importance to respecting the environment – holistically and at the highest level. We have wholeheartedly dedicated ourselves to sustainable tourism in Austria. The Posthotel has been climate-neutral since 2020 (meaning all emissions are offset by projects to protect the environment), so you can sit back and relax. Because that’s a luxury too: to be able to reflect and focus on your own well-being.

Brotzeitplatte im Posthotel Achenkirch

Local and seasonal ingredients

  • At our eco-hotel in Austria, you can expect excellent gourmet cuisine with products from our own natural farm.
  • Our Alpine pastures supply milk, butter, veal, lamb, beef, and speck.
  • The best cheese and honey come from our own farm or farmers in the Zillertal valley.
  • Our delicious jams, along with the aromatic spruce, lilac blossom, and elder syrup, are produced in the Posthotel.
  • We also make our own pasta using our special recipe in our gourmet kitchen.
  • The fresh trout and char come from the nearby Lake Achensee.

Sustainability in and around the hotel

  • We support the Alliance for Development and Climate (Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima)
  • Three bee colonies ensure that the domestic harvest is sustainably protected.
  • Since June 2012, we have heated our adults-only spa hotel with local energy sources (wood chips): The wood chip biomass heating system supplies the energy for our heating and hot water.
  • Our employees also enjoy a pleasant climate in the energy-efficient Posthotel Refuge staff accommodation.
  • Natural products from “alpienne” (climate-neutral products) provide you with beauty and well-being.
  • The crystal clear, refreshing water comes from our spring.
  • We bake delicious, crispy bread in our bread oven using an old recipe or we purchase it from the neighbouring baker.
  • We raise fallow deer in our enclosure at the hotel’s own golf course.
  • We also use environmentally friendly and ecological detergents and cleaning supplies.