Versunkener Tempel im Wellnessbereich des Posthotel Achenkirch
Meditation im versunkenen Tempel im Wellnesshotel Tirol
Ruhebereich im Wellnesshotel in Achenkirch
Tretbecken im Wellnesshotel Achenkirch in Tirol
Posthotel Achenkirch

Sunken serenity

The Sunken Temple – a place of worship for the body

A hidden entrance, a narrow corridor: The path to the hidden wellness realm at our hotel in Tyrol is mysterious and leads to a place straight out of a fairy tale. Enter the Sunken Temple, an enchanting sauna area deep inside the earth!

A special energy room with the power of nature

The centre of the Sunken Temple is a circular meditation room, which contains elements under its glass dome: a place of worship for the body, a place of silence, purification, and renewal inspired by the Far East.


  • Soledom: Let the pleasant heat and the highly concentrated salt water from the Karwendel region surround you in the steaming sweat dome!
  • Dragon sauna: Meet the guardian of the Sunken Temple! Essential oils steam from the dragon’s nostrils.
  • Temple sauna: Let yourself be inspired by Indian sandstone, Chinese symbols, and tall columns – sweat in soft, dry heat.
  • Path of water: Walk through cold water for an experience of the senses


Soft light, luxurious raw materials, and simple architectural shapes combine fire and water and heat and cold. Cosy nooks to cuddle in give security and peace and strength come from the innermost part of the earth. In the Sunken Temple of our adults-only spa hotel, you can feel elemental energies flow through and inspire you for everyday life ...


Opening hours

The Sunken Temple in the sauna world is open daily from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The classic sauna area is available from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.