Meditation im versunkenen Tempel im Wellnesshotel Tirol
Posthotel Achenkirch
Ruhebereich im versunkenen Tempel im Wellnesshotel Achenkirch
Außenpool in Form von Ying und Yang
Shaolin am Achensee

Deep relaxation on holiday

Shaolin master in Austria: guest at the Posthotel Achenkirch

Discover a new source of strength through Qi Gong and Shaolin Kung Fu in Austria at our hotel in Tyrol. It is our privilege to currently host Liang Shi Jie, a Shaolin master from a Buddhist monastery in the Chinese province of Henan. As a Zen master, he introduces you to the thinking and consciousness of Zen philosophy in a very welcoming way.

Posthotel Achenkirch

Shaolin philosophy at our hotel

The Shaolin masters consider everything as a whole; people are a unity of body, mind, and soul. The monks and masters shape their everyday life according to the Shaolin teachings, which focus on the here and now. The stress and strain of everyday life are consciously left behind.


Shaolin masters are invincible not only in terms of physical strength but also mental resilience. Inner balance is achieved through proper channelling of energy and using it harmoniously. The Shaolin master will show you the acrobatic fighting technique of Shaolin Kung Fu at our hotel. Are you interested in learning more? Then contact us by e-mail at or call us at +43 5246 6522 558. We are happy to assist you!

Shaolin treatment

Special massage based on traditional Chinese medicine


A special method to stimulate the energy cycle. With the Shaolin massage, the whole body is stimulated by stroking, tapping, kneading, rolling, and flexing. The Shaolin treatment stimulates the blood and lymph flow, relieves tension, and calms the nervous system. It is ideal for tension in the shoulder, neck, and back muscles as well as headaches and nervousness.