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What does it mean to be an adults-only hotel? The Posthotel explains all!

Undisturbed tranquillity, complete relaxation and perhaps some sizzling romance: these are all things that are often impossible when children are around. It’s precisely for this reason that there are adults-only hotels such as ours – the exclusive 5* Posthotel Achenkirch on Lake Achensee. What’s behind all this? Here is the answer.

Adults only – child-free holidays

As the name suggests, children are not permitted in adults-only hotels such as ours. This is not because we don’t like children – we love children! However, we want to offer mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas an opportunity to switch off and unwind together. Think about it: when was the last time you enjoyed your coffee with a breakfast egg and a croissant in peace and quiet? Read a book for an hour without being interrupted? Enjoyed a delicious evening meal in a cosy atmosphere alone or as a couple?

Being an adults-only hotel doesn’t mean (only) being a hotel for couples. Solo travellers and good friends are in the right place here if they are looking for relaxation. Adults-only holidays are generally about enjoying hospitality, spending time in your own company and treating yourself.

Posthotel Achenkirch on Lake Achensee – Austria’s top adults-only hotel

For more than eight years, the 5* Posthotel by Lake Achensee in Tyrol has been an adults-only hotel and a place to relax and unwind for anyone over the age of 14. We guarantee a feel-good stay and cater for your requirements as an adult in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The perfect place just for adults

You won’t find water slides, sandcastles and kids’ high chairs at the Posthotel. However, even though we are a child-free hotel, there is plenty of scope for fun here with adult activities. There’s a climbing wall, an outdoor trampoline, an interactive kitchen, games corners and more. During your child-free holiday you can hire an electric bike from the Posthotel or rent our Tesla S 85 D to get around stress-free. You can discover sustainable development with a comprehensive yoga retreat or learn horseback riding at our very own stud farm. In summer, beginners and experts can take a swing at the Posthotel’s Alpine Golf Course or on our tennis court, while in winter you can choose between skiing, (night) tobogganing, cross-country skiing and more.

Posthotel Achenkrich Erwachsenen-Hotel Tennis Court

An essential feature for an adults-only hotel focussing on relaxation, tranquillity and indulgence: a spa. At the Posthotel in Tyrol, we offer virtually limitless use of our spa. With a 7,000 m² spa area you are guaranteed to be able to pamper yourself away from hustle, bustle and noise and with an enormous relaxation factor. The great advantage of our adults-only hotel: thanks to our adults-only policy, peace and indulgence is guaranteed even during the holiday season!

Your holiday at the 5* adults-only hotel

Do you have any other questions? Contact us directly and we will be happy to advise you based on your requirements – treat yourself to an adults-only holiday at our child-free hotel. We look forward to meeting and pampering you!

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