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The 5-star Posthotel will uphold tradition in 2019 with its Rose Monday fish buffet. It will take place on the 04th of March and preparations are well under way with our kitchen team. We caught up briefly with chef Fabian Leinich to ask him a few questions and for some fish-related tips.

6 professional tips from the Posthotel chef

Let’s start with shopping, since it’s always hard to prepare a good meal if the quality is poor. Where do you buy fish from for cooking at home? Do you go to the supermarket, or is that frowned upon?

Quality is extremely important and it’s possible to find good quality fish in the supermarket. It is particularly important to always check where the fish originates from and how it has been reared.

How can you easily tell if the fish is actually fresh?

You can tell by looking at the gills and the eyes. If you press the skin and no imprint is left, then it is fresh.

With regards to preparation: What types of fish are best cooked in the oven, frying pan or steamer?

Salt-crusted or hay-baked sea bass works particularly well in the oven. Salmon trout, on the other hand, is perfect for steaming, poaching or frying. Blue trout is best fried, whereas carp works well stewed in root-vegetable stock.

Is there a general tip for preserving that tasty, juicy fish meat? Fish often dries out quickly when being prepared at home.

Ideally, the fish should be cooked in batches and sous-vide at low temperatures to retain its moisture.

They say that “the sauce is to culinary art what grammar is to language”. What’s your secret when it comes to sauces?

I prefer to use fresh fish stock when cooking fish. I reduce it slowly, then season with fresh herbs and top with cold butter – super tasty!

What side dishes do you recommend serving with fish?

I always serve fish with traditional Tirolean potatoes, spinach and root vegetables. My motto is that local fish should be served with local side dishes.

The Rose Monday fish buffet – A highlight at the 5* Posthotel

Even though Fabian Leinich has given us some useful tips for preparing fish at home, don’t miss out on the Posthotel’s Rose Monday fish buffet! We are now able to list a selection of dishes that Fabian has planned for the fish buffet: In addition to home-pickled char, lobster, oysters, fish soup and smoked fish, there will also be herring salad, grilled salmon trout and stuffed artic char on offer. Since our chef is Styrian born and bred, Styrian sushi will served as well as traditional sushi. You’ll be able to sample everything here but be sure to leave some room for cakes, petit fours and other desserts.

Our tip

Non-carnival fans can opt to enjoy peace, relaxation and recharge their batteries at the 5-star Posthotel Achenkirch. Take advantage of some time-out to celebrate the Posthotel’s 101th anniversary with us – the fish buffet feast is a great way to celebrate this.