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On 31 August 2019, the legendary Karwendelmarsch run will take place near Lake Achensee for the 11th time. Here is all the information about the run, registration, routes & more, a unique sports experience!

52 km, 2,500 participants, starting at 6:00 am

Anyone interested in participating in the Karwendelmarsch run should register early and have trained sufficiently for the event. Few people manage 53 km with altitudes reaching around 2,281 metres off the cuff. And even though each year involves a major challenge, places are always snapped up surprisingly quickly; after all, it is a unique experience in the heart of the Karwendel Nature Reserve.

The event kicks off at 6:00 am in Scharnitz at an altitude of 967 metres, close to the German border. From there the course goes straight up to 1,173 m followed by routes up and down the mountain. In addition to the 52 km course there is also the option to conquer altitudes of 1,227 metres in Eng, though it’s another 35 km to go there. The finish line of the entire Karwendelmarsch run is in Pertisau, approx. 20 minutes from the Posthotel adults-only resort in Achenkirch. Runners can look forward to a massage, a certificate and of course a medal after all their efforts. Plenty of catering is offered along the entire route and transportation of luggage from Scharnitz to Pertisau is also included in the entry fee.

Videos from the 2018 Karwendelmarsch run

Registration & accommodation for the Karwendelmarsch run in Tirol

Registration is open until 18 August at the price of €58 per person. Different race categories are provided depending on your age group. Depending on the year, there are appropriate running classes in which to start. The starting numbers will be issued on Friday, August 20, from 11:00-19:00 and on Saturday, August 31, from 4:00-5:30 at the parking lot “Länd P2” in Scharnitz.

Whether coming as a runner or spectator, the 5* Posthotel Achenkirch by Lake Achensee is the perfect spa resort for relaxing before and after the gruelling Karwendelmarsch run. It is suitable with the Give me Strength package with 7 nights, SPA application, horse-drawn carriage ride and use of the 7,000 m² spa area. In particular, if you wish to come and watch the Karwendel spectacle as a spectator this year and sign up as a participant for the 2020 race, the large range of sports at the Posthotel is sure to interest you. Make use of our wide range of training facilities, from our brand new power room to our Zöhrerhaus centre for yoga, meditation and Feng Shui. When specially combined with personal training, your “Karwendelmarsch” sports objective will be much closer!

Cover photo source: ©Achensee Tourismus