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The reopening of the newly renovated main building took place as part of the major Posthotel Achenkirch anniversary celebrations. This is where the new gym is found – 175 m² of room to work out and sweat like a professional athlete. Posthotel’s fitness coach, Stefan, will introduce you to the new sports area and provide tips on how to combat lack of willpower and spring fever.

Fitnessequipment to get you moving

It’s here: The fitness room in the main building of the 5-star Posthotel is open! Specially selected fitness equipment provides optimum strength and endurance training and offers a stimulating change. In addition to equipment such as cross trainers, leg and chest presses and treadmills, the SYNRGY Tower in the Functional Zone is the Posthotel’s latest highlight:

  • Battle Rope
  • Power Pivot
  • Monkeybar
  • Pulley Rope
  • Jump on Plate
  • Dip Bars
  • TRX
  • and much more
Syngy Tower im Kraftraum
The SYNRGY Tower is perfect for circuit training – every muscle is worked.

3 tips for your personal sports programme – how to achieve your goals!

1) The reward principle

Even though the feeling after a training session is priceless, it is often challenging to overcome a lack of willpower. That is why Stefan’s tip includes a reward principle that focuses on consciously treating yourself. For example, that second helping of delicious potatoes for dinner is only allowed if you ran for 1 hour beforehand. If the “penalty” is a salad, then this principle can quickly bring positive results.

2) The training process

Clearly defined goals are essential for the training process. Only those with a concrete focus can measure their success. Personal training helps to achieve these goals with tips on what to look out for in the long term. It is important never to train right after eating. Warm-ups are also recommended to stimulate blood flow and the metabolism. You should consume around 1 litre of water during training to ensure sufficient fluid intake.

3) A holistic approach to everyday life

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”. Following this principle will set you on the road to success. Sport and nutrition go hand-in-hand, which is why reducing carbohydrates as the day goes on is the perfect addition to exercise. It is also important to achieve the best possible results from a personal workout session. A general rule of thumb is 3 sessions a week of 90 minutes.

Spring fever – the enemy of sport

Many people experience so-called spring fever from mid-March to mid-April. This is caused by the shift from the cold and dark time of year to the lighter and warmer climate of spring. The hormone balance can fall out of sync, leading to fatigue. That is why it is important to have a rock-solid training plan and good rewards for reaching your goals. Do not give in to fatigue; the secret receipe consists of exercise and as much daylight as possible.