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The beautiful nature of Tirol in Austria is perfect for exploring on foot, by bicycle or in a car. Taking on the curving mountain roads around the Achensee in a sleek sports car combines driving fun with nature adventures and the wonderful Alpine panorama.

Nature is for us a priceless asset, and preserving it is a vital task. But how can we reconcile an exciting driving tour with environmental protection? Simple – with the Tesla S 85D, a luxurious electric sports car that you can now rent recently at the Posthotel Achenkirch.

The Tesla S 85D: the climate saviour from California

The Tesla S 85D is manufactured by Tesla Motors, headquartered in Palo Alto, California. European models are however made in the Netherlands. From there, this luxuriously equipped climate saviour is delivered to us at the Posthotel Achenkirch in Austria. The company and its cars are named after Nikola Tesla, the inventor of numerous innovations in the field of electro-technology.

Electric cars witnessed a boom at the beginning of the 20th century, but were superseded by vehicles that used combustion engines. Increasing environmental awareness and the search for alternative energy sources has in the last years meant a renaissance and evolution of the electric motor, with the number of first registrations now constantly rising. Today’s electric cars produce no exhaust gases and will in the long term contribute to a reduction in the greenhouse effect.

When you first sit in our Tesla S 85D, you’ll discover plenty more positive features: on the one hand there the futuristic large touch-screen display to ensure ease of operation, while on the other, newcomers to Tesla cars instinctively prick up their ears – the electric motor means that driving is almost completely silent. The “D” in the designation stands for “dual engine” this refers to the additional electric drive unit on the front axle that can accelerate this whispering speed machine up to a maximum speed of 250 km/h. With a range of approximately 500 kilometres to the next charge, you have plenty of opportunity to explore the region around the Posthotel Achenkirch in an ecologically sound way, while the roomy boot offers space for everything you need en route: picnic basket, picnic blanket, Nordic walking poles, etc.

Charging the 85 kWh batteries is possible at virtually all normal sockets, electric charging stations or at the Tesla “Supercharger” charging stations: the latter are particularly quick. Three of these stations are to be found not far from our hotel in Achenkirch: in Kitzbühel, Austria (approx. 77 km), in Irschenberg, Germany (approx. 54 km) and on the Brenner Pass just over the border with Italy (approx. 88 km). Wherever your route takes you, you are guaranteed not to run out of power!

To book this “electrifying” experience please call +43 5246 6522.