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Having a funny, helpful and understanding best friend who you can share life’s good and bad times with is priceless! Unfortunately we often struggle to make time for best-friend days… the solution? Making time for yourselves and escaping the stresses of everyday life together!

Friendship is balm for the soul

A best friend is someone with whom you can simply be yourself, with whom you can spend hours laughing at nothing together and with whom you can share absolutely everything. There is no right or wrong here; you don’t feel that you have to clean the house in the event of an impromptu visit – you can simply kick back, have fun and unwind. A good friendship is like any good relationship: it needs to be nourished. That’s why it is always important to make time for your best friend. What’s better than a holiday with your best friend? And who’s to say that your best friend is none other than your very own mum…?

Enjoying hobbies together such as yoga is also a great way of spending time together with your best friend on holiday.

The 5* Posthotel Achenkirch has put together a special “Best Friends Forever” package precisely for these friendships. The offer is specially designed for a stay with your best friend and includes everything that friends need to relax. The rates include 3 nights’ accommodation with the finest gourmet board, free use of the 7,000 m² spa area and of course pampering spa treatments – a must for any good holiday with a friend! That’s why the Posthotel even has a ladies’ spa exclusively for women. You’ll find plenty of time to chat and unwind. New memories can be born from revelling in past times, creating moments that you’ll happily look back on and cherish forever.

A best friend holiday to suit everyone

Modern times often mean that a best friend might live in another town or even a different country. That’s why it’s even more important to spend time together where no phones are ringing, no children are calling for their mum and no reminders are beeping for a coming appointment.

At the Posthotel you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a hobby together such as yoga. It’s about consciously relaxing in the presence of the person you trust the most, with whom you can unwind. There are naturally many great cultural offerings around Achenkirch by Lake Achensee in Tirol that provide a welcome change and can be a beautiful discovery tour, such as the Achensee Literatour in spring or the traditional cattle driving ceremony in autumn. There is also a wide range of hiking options between the Karwendel and Rofan mountains, meaning that best friends can also experience the outdoors together.

The most important thing is and remains: Focusing on the most important things in life: true friendship and enjoying time together as part of an amazing holiday with your best friend to the full! How about simply giving the gift of “time” for a birthday for example? Give something meaningful to your best friend with a voucher, since you can never have too many amazing moments.