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Enjoyment of exercise, training the body and freeing the mind: these are the principles of Shaolin Kung Fu with Zen Master Liang at the 5-star Posthotel Achenkirch. Hailing from the Chinese province of Henan, this Master is once again a guest here at the Posthotel Achensee, inviting hotel guests to participate in martial arts courses focussing on the body as a source of new energy.

Find peace with Kung Fu and Qi Gong

Kung Fu means focussing oneself, concentrating fully on an exercise and leaving all emotion, worry and stress behind. Qi Gong focusses more on channelling one’s own energy through special movement and breathing processes. For Zen Master Liang, this form of full-body training benefits the body and Zen is an awareness that he has followed since he was 6 years old. He trains for around 4 to 5 hours a day; missing a training session is not an option for him.

One must practice Kung Fu each day to achieve a little more energy. A day without Kung Fu means losing 10 days of energy.” Chinese proverb

Guests at the Posthotel Achenkirch have the opportunity to learn from Liang how the body’s inner balance works. The Zen Master considers the most common cause of imbalance to be the high value placed on work and professional life. Instead of taking time to relax, schedules become increasingly busier, and days become longer and more stressful. With Qi Gong, movement serves as a targeted distraction: the objective is to free the mind.

Kung Fu is based on channelling one’s own energy: Focus on oneself and one’s movements.

12 Shaolin tips for increasing awareness

Learn how to consciously channel your own energy and deliberately draw your focus away from everyday life:

  • Live in the here and now, without judging the moment.
  • Only through mindfulness will you achieve insight into others and yourself.
  • Do a thing thoroughly, or leave it.
  • Ambition makes one more predictable, more vulnerable and more open to blackmail.
  • Never let yourself be duped into taking action.
  • Overcome haste with slowness.
  • Only by imitating others can you better judge them.
  • Create opportunities and wait to use them for yourself and exploit them against your enemies.
  • If you must yield, let your opponent’s energy run into nothingness.
  • True superiority is the art of triumphing without the need to fight.
  • Free yourself from received wisdom and always test your own views against the new.
  • Everything you are and will become lies only within yourself.


An encounter with the Shaolin Master at the Posthotel

Liang will be guest at the Posthotel Achenkirch until 8 May 2018. Up to this date, all guests are cordially invited to take part in Shaolin Tai Chi and Shaolin Qi Gong courses. Liang always enjoys exchanging experiences, cultural differences and links with guests – both sides can learn, experience and take a deep breath during these exchenages.