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Tournaments at the Alpine Golf Club on the Achensee

Our golf course tournament calendar at the Achensee is filled with great golfing events! The stylish golf course lets you enjoy selected tournaments and special golf events, with both professional matches and the weekly Posthotel Ralley. Not to mention fantastic panoramic views.

You can be sure of golfing fun here in Tirol, either as a golfer or just experiencing the uniquely beautiful golf course right next to the 5-star SPA resort in the Tirolean mountains.

Tournament calendar Posthotel Alpengolf 2019


05.05.19 9-Loch Weißwurst
18.05.19 9-Loch Nachmittag
02.06.19 9-Loch Weißwurst
05.06.19 WOESR (clubintern)
15.06.19 9-Loch Nachmittag
23.06.19 Posthotel Cup
30.06.19 9-Loch Weißwurst
13.07.19 9-Loch Nachmittag
21.07.19 9-Loch Weißwurst
27.07.19 Achentalerhof Golftrophy
03.08.19 9-Loch Nachmittag
18.08.19 9-Loch Weißwurst
24.08.19 Presidents Cup (clubintern)
31.08.19 9-Loch Nachmittag
07. und 08.09.19 Clubmeisterschaft (clubintern)
15.09.19 9-Loch Weißwurst
21.09.19 Scheffi’s Turnier
28.09.19 9-Loch Nachmittag
05.10.19 Gisi’s Golfturnier
10.10.19 Glühwürmchenturnier
11.10.19 Gustl’s Golfwoche Rallye
13.10.19 9-Loch Weißwurst
19.10.19 Last Chance Cup
26.10.19 9-Loch Nachmittag