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Fitness at the Posthotel Achenkirch in Tirol



A centre for movement & meditation in the midst of the Posthotel Achenkirch: The Zöhrerhaus is unique in all Tirol. Feng Shui experts have redesigned this small farmhouse, which dates from the 16th century, to create a place of strength that radiates harmony.

The dojo room in the light and airy attic space of the Zöhrerhaus is the ideal atmosphere for movement & meditation training. Here you can restore your strength with Pilates, yoga, Qi Gong and many other offers from our fitness programme.


New: Schumann 3D plate

The three-dimensional vibrations of the Schumann 3D plate can be applied in healthcare, strength exercises, flexibility, massage and relaxation.


Movement and stamina

The rooms on the ground floor are available for movement training:

  • The stamina room contains state-of-the-art Precor cardio-fitness apparatuses to stimulate your cardiovascular system. Efficient and beneficial.
  • You can find more apparatuses from Precor and David Future Line in our fitness room in the main building, open every day until 8 pm. Our two qualified spa experts will be pleased to advise you how to match your training to your individual capacity and needs.

Power Plate

Training with a Power Plate guarantees fitness in just a few minutes. Our fitness experts will be happy to advise you!

The Power Plate is a full-body training platform based on “neuromuscular stimulation”. The platform’s vibrations trigger reflexive contractions in the muscles which, depending on the setting, activates different muscle groups. The Power Plate at the Posthotel is the latest version. This activity always takes place under the specialist guidance of a personal trainer.


Power Plate


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Schumann 3 D Platte

Ein hochwertiges Gerät, das vor allem zur Regeneration eingesetzt wird. Im stehen, sitzen
oder liegen werden verschieden Übungen erarbeitet, die ganz auf den Gast abgestimmt sind.
Von verspannten Muskeln bis hin zur Arthrose Erkrankung, können Dank der Schumannfrequenz Erfolge erreicht werden.


Schumann 3 D Platte


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