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Personal training at the Posthotel Achenkirch in Tirol


Fitness Posthotel Achenkirch

Pure motivation: training with the experts is highly effective and makes it all the more fun. The fitness experts at the Posthotel Achenkirch will support you in your sporting efforts. They will provide you with an individual training plan, motivate you and check on your training progress. Our qualified coaches will be pleased to pass on their expertise in fitness matters and assist you with useful information and tips.

You can contact our fitness trainers at sport@posthotel.at in advance of your stay at the Posthotel


Personal Coaching

Neben dem täglichen Sport- und Entspannungsprogramm, das über 60 Stunden pro Woche erfasst, besteht die Möglichkeit im Posthotel mit kompetenten Trainern und Sportwissenschaftlern ein individuelles Training zu vereinbaren.


Lactate diagnosis

Before beginning training, we run a scientific sports fitness check with a lactate test on a treadmill or ergometer to diagnose your personal fitness level. This analysis allows us to accurately determine training areas, for example for lipid metabolism, basic stamina or areas for development. These results allow our sports scientists to develop a highly accurate and professional training programme.


Sports therapy

Torn ligaments, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular problems, joint complaints, adiposity or burnout syndrome: sports therapy is very important in prophylactic treatment and rehabilitation.


Power Plate

Power Plate is a full-body training device which provides fast yet very effective muscle training with the aid of vibrations and differing frequencies and amplitudes.


Schumann 3D plate

The three-dimensional vibrations of the Schumann 3D plate can be used in healthcare, strength exercises, flexibility, massage and relaxation.

Fitness training

Personal training session in the company of our fitness team.

Regardless of your sporting requirements and whether you are a beginner or professional: We can help you achieve your training goals! We work with you to develop a tailored training programme which you can also use at home. We will be happy to show you our latest sports and techniques to help you train. Enjoy personally tailored active support from our fitness experts!

Fitness training


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