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Activity and fashion sports around the Achensee in Tirol

Does the perfect holiday in Tirol for you mean exercise, challenges and adventure – and, most of all, exciting new ideas? The Posthotel Achenkirch provides the ideal motivation to get you going: the Achensee region can offer amazing opportunities for thrill-seekers! On the water, in the mountains and up in the air.


Take it to the top: climbing in the Achensee region

Discover your own power! The high-ropes course in the forest at Achenkirch offers six courses up to 15 metres aloft in the treetops, while the brand-new Achensee 5-summit fixed-rope route runs over the central Rofan range with wonderful views, from the Haidachstellwand up to the Hochiss (2,299 metres).


Try a high-altitude flight at the Posthotel Achenkirch

The feeling is just indescribable. From the moment of lift-off from the mountain with the Achensee gleaming below and the paraglider’s sail above you: a gentle hand movement and you glide over the treetops. Paragliding over the Achensee is potentially addictive!

A balloon trip promises airy heights and plenty of romance as you admire the Tirolean mountains together. Can you see your hotel from up on high? It will also raise your spirits to know that your flight of fancy can continue in the Atrium Spa of the Posthotel Achenkirch.


Nordic walking around the Achensee

Step out of the door at the Posthotel and simply set off at your own rhythm. Move along at a relaxed pace through the natural surroundings and with each step notice how much at home you feel in your body.

Walk along the sunny lakeshore of the Achensee or jog through the idyllic Oberautal Valley: there is no finer place to exercise than around the Posthotel Achenkirch. There are 22 signposted routes totalling 183 kilometres that lead to the many wonderful places to be found in the Achensee Sport & Vital Park. Choose just the right route for you and enjoy a spa treatment walking in the great outdoors.

Practising sport and fitness is often easier in a group. Have a look at our fantastic fitness programme – try for example a group Nordic walking round with our Posthotel SPA trainers.