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5 element cuisine at the Posthotel Achenkirch in Tirol

TENZO Health restaurant
Our culinary philosophy is your way to health and well-being.

Is he a chef or a doctor? Is this a pharmacy or a restaurant?

Anyone who has ever eaten in our “Tenzo” health restaurant may have asked themselves the following question: am I at a restaurant or in a pharmacy?

Posthotel Achenkirch Tenzo Gesundheitsrestaurant
Das neue TENZO Gesundheitsrestaurant im 5* Posthotel am Achensee.
The TENZO health restaurant combines the medical traditions of the Far East with High EnerQi cuisine from the Alps, allowing the Qi, our life force, to flow optimally. Alongside specific foods that establish yin and yang, there is also a wide array of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The ingredients are of course derived from local, sustainable agriculture.

Fresh medicinal herbs from the garden, nutritious, locally-grown organic ingredients and seasonally-prepared fruits and vegetables, chosen to rebalance your yin or yang, will give you strength and energy. Here at TENZO, we fuse Alpine High-EnerQi with far-eastern medical traditions.

Moreover, our tea bar provides herbal combinations to bring your body back into balance, such as infusions of Longjing tea, fresh lemon balm and basil leaves, and goji berries. Our TCM doctor recommends blends that are individually tailored to you and special Chinese herbal remedies from our pharmacy.

Create meals that are perfect for you with herbal combinations that are tailored to your specific needs from our 5-element spice islands.

At present, kudzu is the most popular ingredient in chef Fabian Leinich’s dishes: the roots of the Asiatic medicinal herb are traditionally used as a thickener. However, they are also said to have cancer preventive properties!

Hu Ji
In other words, our chefs are not simply masters of their art, but also combine fine cuisine with their knowledge of the effectiveness of specific

foods. Turning nourishment into the elixir of life and a natural remedy!

Our TCM brochure

On your journey towards inner balance at the Posthotel Achenkirch, you will meet nutritional experts along the way. Influences from both modern nutritional science and traditional nutrition teachings enrich our multiple award-winning gourmet cuisine.

This enables us to cook in accordance with Chinese nutrition teachings, which play an important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our kitchen team regularly prepares meals for breakfast or dinner following the guidelines of 5-element cuisine.

On the floor above, in the Posthotel fitness suite, TCM teachings are practised in a range of fitness sessions.

TaiChi, QiGong and other free classes are held in the Dojo at the Zöhrerhaus.