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Philip Wu Akupressur


TCM, far-eastern traditional Chinese medicine, has been seen throughout the world as a healing art for over 5,000 years. It is based on the familiar 5 elements and feelings, colours, tastes and seasons can all be assigned to the elements. In Mrs Hu Ji, the Posthotel Achenkirch now boasts several expert doctors from the field of TCM. They purify, treat blockages and help patients achieve renewed vitality. So what does TCM actually help to treat?


Fire, water, wood, metal & earth as an approach to happiness

The concept of living in harmony with nature and the seasons is a fundamental part of traditional Chinese medicine. Body, mind and soul form a single entity – illnesses and cures are always understood to arise from the interplay of all 3 components. Different TCM treatments are recommended based on the way the conditions are assigned to the 5 elements.

  • Fire: red, heat, summer, joy, bitter, heart
  • Water: black, cold, winter, fear, salty, kidneys
  • Wood: green, wind, spring, anger, sour, liver
  • Metal: white, dryness, autumn, sadness, lungs
  • Earth: yellow, humidity, late-summer, brooding, spleen

If you align your life with the traditions of TCM, then you will have a life in balance. Each element acts as the seasons do: they are mutually complementary and keep each other in check. If people manage to remain balanced, then they will achieve happiness; free of pain and without cigarettes, for instance. All the TCM meals and retreats at the Posthotel adults-only resort follow this approach to the letter, ensuring that you treat yourself and your surroundings with kindness.

Dr. Hu Ji

TCM nutrition Fresh, regular and warm

Fresh ingredients are essential components of traditional Chinese medicine. But you would be wrong to think of “classic” Chinese food. In fact, to follow the principles of a TCM diet, one should think more along the lines of buying seasonal fruit and vegetables. For instance, lemons and bananas should be avoided in winter, as they cool the body unnecessarily during that cold season.

Equally important in TCM nutrition is having something warm to eat in the morning. This is particularly beneficial to the digestion, which is extremely important in TCM. According to these principles, the optimal time for the body to metabolise food is around 9 am. In addition, if the breakfast has been cooked and is still warm, it is easier to digest. The body has more energy and hunger pangs are a thing of the past. If you would like to try the TCM diet, then why not enjoy warm porridge combined with fruit and nuts as part of the breakfast buffet at our 5* adults-only resort.

A very special anniversary highlight celebrating 100 years of the Posthotel demonstrates the great importance of TCM at the hotel on Lake Achensee. Our Health Restaurant will open in just a few days’ time and will focus exclusively on traditional Chinese medicine nutritional principles.


Pain-free, smoke-free and fit, thanks TCM treatments

Nutrition is just one of many elements of TCM. Equally important are medicinal herbs, acupressure, massage and movement techniques. Hu Ji`s treatments release blockages in muscles, joints and bones. In particular, the far-eastern tradition can achieve great results for those suffering from chronic disease, depression and burn-out, as well as for smokers. As a guest at the Posthotel Achenkirch, you can now try out a number of TCM practices: acupressure, Chinese Tuina and the practice of Qi Gong.

The expert, Doctor Hu Ji, recommends an initial three 50-minute sessions, such as when trying to stop smoking. The experienced doctor advises leaving a 2-day interval between treatments as patients’ own powers of self-healing should never be forced into action. However, depending on the complaint or disease, she does recommend selected conventional Western treatments as an effective complement to TCM. The body, mind and soul are a complex entity; there is generally no right or wrong here according to TCM.


Your serving of vitality at the 5* Posthotel

The Posthotel’s 100th anniversary package offers a fantastic way for you to try the art of TCM for yourself. During a 4-night stay, you can experience a range of treatments every two days, while also allowing yourself to be pampered in luxurious surroundings. However, if you wish to stay for a whole week, then choose our “Give me strength” package. We guarantee that you will find your perfect balance!