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Paar auf Bank am See


Do you have ideas, goals and plans that you’ve been putting off for what seems like an eternity? Do you always give the ‘wrong time’ as an excuse, since there is always something else more important to do first? You’re definitely not alone!

The ability to reflect, take stock and live for the moment is anything but easy. That’s why once again in 2018 plenty of interesting seminars will be held at the Posthotel adults-only resort, enabling you to learn precisely these skills. Particularly exciting: the hotel’s new creative spaces will be used for the Posthotel mindfulness seminars. Come and visit your place of power in the Alps! Where better for the body and mind to find peace than at a 5* spa hotel in the heart of Tyrolean nature…?


Anselm Grün: “Don’t neglect love!”

Anselm Grün is a Benedictine monk and one of the most widely read Christian authors of today. With his book ‘Versäume nicht dein Leben’, published in 2014, he really hit the nail on the head back then as well as today. He urges us to stop waiting for the “right moment” and reminds us that circumstances nowadays often appear to be unfavourable. Life is happening right now! While clinging on to our past or dreaming of the future, life is passing us by, unnoticed but at incredible speed. He therefore encourages readers to seize life and embrace it without fear. Once worry and doubt is cast aside we can begin to preserve and improve our inner vitality. Only thus can we ultimately achieve a fulfilled lifestyle of living love instead of neglecting it.

The Benedictine padre Anselm Grün is one of the most widely read Christian authors of our time.

On 6 September 2018 from 7:30 p.m. Anselm Grün will provide an exclusive personal insight into his book and his findings at the Posthotel Achenkirch. External guests are welcome to participate in this mutual exchange in the relaxing atmosphere of the new Posthotel creative rooms for a contribution of €15. Hotel guests may participate free of charge.

Everyday mindfulness – the highest form of life management

Han Shan was a successful entrepreneur in Asia and once built up an exemplary global company – successful, young and happy, right? After a serious car accident, he decided to leave all of this behind him and spend 10 years living in Thailand as a mendicant monk. He now works for the “Universal Awareness Association” that he founded in Austria’s Himmelberg, where mindfulness is at the heart of all activity.

For Han Shan, mindfulness is the highest form of life management, whereby increasing your own self-awareness is one of the greatest challenges, but brings the greatest fulfilment with it. As in Anselm Grün’s book, this approach is based on the fact that we cannot stop time. Despite ever-present stress these days, we must learn how to maximise our valuable time on Earth. In his seminar at the Posthotel Achenkirch, you will discover exactly what mindfulness is and how to incorporate it into everyday life.

In a seminar with Han Shan focus will be placed on mindfulness: by successfully incorporating this into everyday life we can help give greater meaning to our lives.

The dates for the 2018 workshops with Han Shan are from 16-20th August and from 22-26th November. With the special 5* Posthotel ‘Mindfulness Package’, you can secure your seminar place with 6 sessions as well as a 4-night stay including gourmet board and use of the 7,000 m² spa area from just €1,630. Where better to slow down the body, soul and mind than in an oasis of relaxation in Achenkirch by Lake Achensee?