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Around 150,000 bees joined the Posthotel family in April. The sound of buzzing can now be heard next to the stables and the first honey will be ready to taste in September. How and why is quite simple: Bees are in danger of dying out. Since pollination is essential for 80% of flowering plants, action needs to be taken: we’re investing in the future of people, nature and the environment.


3 beehives from Beefuture

Sustainability has been an important concept and guiding principle for many generations at the Posthotel; however, this is the first time we’ve had our very own beehives. At the end of April, thousands of bees from Beefuture were incorporated into our courtyard, not far from the newly renovated main building. Since then, professional beekeepers from Beefuture have been looking after our busy little helpers and Posthotel guests are always invited to make their observations. The first harvest is due in August, and from September our very own honey will be available at the morning breakfast buffet: we’re certain you’ll love it!


…because our ecosystem needs bees

The number of bee colonies in neighbouring Germany alone show that urgent action is required: In 1950, there were around 2,000,000 beehives here; now there are just 700,000. More than half of all flowering plants need pollinating by bees: if this stops, this will have a direct impact on food production and the overall ecosystem. Albert Einstein even went so far as to say that “if the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live“.

Hotel manager Karl Reiter fully supports this project. Sustainability together: that is the Posthotel motto and we are particularly excited to have these busy helpers join us!

“Where there are bees, there is health”

At the Posthotel, we take our responsibility of protecting bees very seriously. This idea is supported by the entire team, since protecting the environment is a matter close to our hearts. It’s no wonder that the Posthotel has been repeatedly recognised for its sustainability! As a Posthotel guest, we’ll be happy to show you our new beehives. In July for example, you could be part of our next bee inspection: make up your own mind and see tomorrow’s producers of your honey today!