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The Art of Sleeping

The Posthotel Power Sleeping Rooms

Nearly one third of the human life we spend with sleeping During this phase the essential physical and mental recreation takes place. Hence beauty sleep is a prerequisite for relaxation, wellbeing, health and ease – so everything that represents your stay at the Posthotel Achenkirch.   Power Sleeping Rooms im Posthotel

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The SAMINA sleeping system, available in all Power Sleeping Rooms, is based on the knowledge of modern sleep medicine and guarantees you highest sleeping comfort:

The dual-sided, swinging slatted frame made of highly elastic ash wood balances each body movement and facilitates sound sleep and the sleeping quality. This supports especially the regeneration of the spine and the discs.
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The mattress topper made of 100 % natural rubber is characterized by a precise flexibility and ideal rebound performance. Hence pressure perception of skin and muscles is impeded and the unrestricted blood flow of veins and arteries is secured. Unadulterated, breathable cotton as well as 100 % organic pure new wool of sheep for cushions, duvets and pillows create a pleasant, dry-warm sleeping climate.

The earthing topper restores the contact between the body and the ground and has the same effect as 7 to 8 hours of barefoot walking. It supports perceptibly the regeneration of body, mind and soul. Additionally the body will be tranquillized by magnetic fields, recharged with life energy and protected against harmful electric smog influences. 

Allow yourself this sleeping experience: Simply book on of our Power Sleeping Rooms for a small premium of 10 € per day and person!


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