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Our energy location at the lake Achensee: The magic force of the Posthotel…

Do you know the emotion, that you feel comfortable when entering a room? At other places you just want to leave the house or spot immediately.

Quite often this is a result of spiritual energy locations, which have been existing for centuries.

Sonnenaufgang in den Alpen 


The Posthotel is also such a special energy location


Thousands of years ago the glaciers of the ice age formed the Limestone Alps.

Embedded between the Karwendel and Rofan mountains the village Achenkirch is located at the lake Achensee. The Achental valley has always been appealing in a magical way.

These forced was already used in former times by the clergy. The parish, which still belongs to the monastery Georgenberg, ordered the construction of the Saint John the Baptist Church in 1520 and the Saint Anna Chapel in 1667. Both buildings were erected on such energy locations.

Within this exceptional aura of comfort between the mountains and the sacred buildings the Posthotel is located. In its inner courtyard a cosmic energy line exists, which connects the earth with the universe. Sonnenuntergang in den Alpan 



Additionally the village Achenkirch benefits from two waterfalls, the „Stod“-cascade in the Karwendel and the „Kranz“-cascade in the Rofan area. The waterfalls influence the local climate positively by enhancing the air humidity and ionising the air in a natural way.

Flowing water always symbolizes the flow of live energy. Panta Rhei – Everything flows.

Unsurprisingly the Posthotel Achenkirch has been a place for rest and tranquility since 4 generations now. In former times for horse and rider, who praised the cultivated hospitality.

Long way before the Reiter family took over the house, it was a popular place for a rest. Even emperor Franz Joseph, husband of Sissi, and his entourage visited the place in 1881.

Come in and immerse in the charm of the centuries, which can be re-experienced each day!  Frühling in Tirol


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