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5 days of beauty treatments in the Atrium Spa

Take 5 whole days … and devote them to you. To your body, your appearance and your inner equilibrium. And you can be sure of one thing: you will feel like a newborn after this complete wellness treatment at the Posthotel Achenkirch!

5 Days

5-day Gertraud Gruber beauty treatment

Natural cosmetics for ladies and gentlemen.
€ 560,--

St Barth - Caribbean Week

Caribbean beauty secret
€ 535,--

Rock oil spa treatment

Creatures from the primordial ocean of Thetis became fossilized over millions of years in the Karwendel mountains and created oil shale. A unique fossil remedy can be extracted from this oil shale: rock oil.
€ 399,--

Cellcosmet - anti-stress week, 5 days

Cellcosmet - 5 days for ladies and gentlemen –
intensive prevention of skin ageing.
€ 550,--


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