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TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tyrol

The Posthotel Achenkirch offers an exceptional range of treatments for your complete feeling of wellbeing - with an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)!

Dr. Hu Ji, our specialist in acupuncture and Chinese Tui na body treatments, has specialist knowledge from this centuries-old culture. And she knows how to implement it sensitively for the benefit of your health and life energy.

Life energy: everything flows

Treatment methods such as acupuncture, moxibustion and massages stimulate the meridians in your body. They create balance and release blockages, allowing your Qi to flow uninterrupted.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi are also part of Far Eastern health teaching. You would like to learn them? Dr. Hu Ji or our Shaolin monk will be happy to teach you some physical exercises in individual lessons or as a group!

Take advantage of the expertise of our TCM experts and make your long-lasting relaxation at the Posthotel just perfect …


Chinese Tui na

Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Treatments by Dr. Hu Ji.
€ 79,--

Chinese acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Treatments by Dr. Hu Ji.
€ 85,--

Acupressure | 60 minutes

€ 79,--


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