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Classic massages & regional specialities

Massages are simply good for you - whether they are preventative or "just" for enjoyment! They appeal to our deep inner need for security, tranquillity and relaxation.

Get a sense of this in the Atrium Spa at the Posthotel Achenkirch: experience proven remedies in action. The best natural products from our homeland: Tyrol. And the spirit of touch that brings about holistic wellbeing! Attentive hands and warm herbal stamp massages touch both skin and soul …

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Regional Classic

Partial massage

This classic massage is a good deed for body and soul.
€ 38,50

Full massage

This classic massage is a good deed for body and soul.
€ 72,--

Foot reflex zone massage

€ 54,--

Body lymph drainage

Gentle massage with soft, flowing movements that have a detoxifying and purifying effect.
€ 72,--

Rock oil spa treatment

Creatures from the primordial ocean of Thetis became fossilized over millions of years in the Karwendel mountains and created oil shale. A unique fossil remedy can be extracted from this oil shale: rock oil.
€ 399,--


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