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Gertraud Gruber - beauty pioneer

It is lovely to be able to place so much trust in a brand of cosmetics. With a Gertraud Gruber beauty treatment in Posthotel Achenkirch you benefit from 50 years of experience in beauty care! And enjoy the very high standards set by this pioneer of holistic cosmetic treatments: the active substances and ingredients used are as natural as possible and they provide visible and lasting results.

Exquisite natural cosmetics for individual care

Everyone's skin is unique. With this knowledge in mind, an extensive product range has been developed that is precisely tailored to every skin type and every age. Let our staff in the Atrium Spa provide you with personal advice about exclusive Gertraud Gruber beauty treatments - and enjoy harmony both inside and out

It goes without saying that only highly-qualified Gertraud Gruber beauticians carry out treatments in the Atrium Spa!

These beauty treatments help you to find your own personal elixir of beauty:

Gertraud Gruber

Gertraud Gruber - facial treatment with ampoule

80 minutes
€ 81,--

Gertraud Gruber - exquisite eye treatment

approx. 30 minutes
€ 45,50

3-day Gertraud Gruber beauty treatment

Natural cosmetics for ladies and gentlemen
€ 380,--

Gertraud Gruber - anti-stress treatment

Hydro wellness
€ 73,--

Gertraud Gruber - "Symphonie" facial treatment

90 minutes
€ 117,50

Gertraud Gruber - AYURASAN facial treatment

A Gertraud Gruber facial treatment based on Ayurvedic guidelines.
€ 97,--


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