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Cellcosmet: a high-tech way to keep your skin young

Treat your skin cells to a restorative treatment! The Cellcosmet treatments in the Atrium Spa at the Posthotel Achenkirch make this possible: as a result of the treatments you can immediately enjoy firmer skin and a visibly revitalised complexion. How does it work?

Research for your beauty

This innovative line of cosmetics is based on scientific findings in biotechnology and medicine. These 'cosmeceuticals' promote a youthful appearance using cellular ingredients: they work towards preventing skin ageing, they repair skin damage and alleviate the first signs of the ravages of time.

Any questions about Cellcosmet revitalisation treatments? Our beauty experts are happy to answer them: Tel. 43 5246 6522 or email


Exclusive Cellcosmet treatment for ladies

€ 169,--

Exclusive Cellmen treatment for gentlemen

€ 169,--

3-day Cellcosmet treatment

3 days for ladies and gentlemen - intensive prevention of skin ageing.
€ 329,--


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