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Exfoliating treatments & packs for silky-soft skin

Treat yourself to a powerful double treatment in the Atrium Spa! Gentle exfoliation and soothing packs provide you with a wonderful (skin) feeling from head to foot …

Rich pampering care

These treatments are also ideal for sensitive and demanding skin: gentle exfoliating treatments purify the skin thoroughly but gently. This prepares your skin perfectly for the subsequent treatment - allowing the fine crèmes and care products to penetrate deep into your skin and have an intensive effect.

For moisture, new skin tone, and also as a welcome salute to your soul … for your holistic wellbeing at the Posthotel!

Peels & Packs

Sea salt treatment

The procedure begins with a soothing oil treatment for the whole body, during which the oil is massaged into the skin.
€ 99,50

St. Barth Softness

€ 82,--

Aloe Vera body exfoliation treatment

Little abrasive particles soothingly remove dry skin cells. Raw patches, excessive cornification and surface skin impurities are smoothed out.
€ 48,--

St Barth Sensation

Body pack with relaxation massage
€ 85,--

Yin-Yang pack

€ 47,50

Gertraud Gruber body pack

€ 33,--


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