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Baths in the Atrium Spa - as beautiful as Cleopatra

Fragrance and care in one: baths that caress your nose and skin with fine essences have long been a popular form of beauty care. They are still an absolutely classic wellness treatment in the Atrium Spa at the Posthotel Achenkirch today.

Baths with fragrant and soothing infusions make the body silky and smooth. They help to soothe skin irritations and joint pain, to relax and stimulate - they quite simply do you a power of good.

Your very own wellness bath …

Find the perfect bath for your own personal feeling of wellbeing! The exclusive infusions that are available for your special bath here at the Posthotel are just as varied as the skin types and their individual requirements. Honey, buttermilk, orange blossom, rock oil, herbal extracts, sea salt … you truly have a heavenly selection in the realm of the Wellness Aphrodite!

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Detoxifying bath

€ 37,--

Piroche bio-aromatic bath with tissue-firming Yin-Yang pack

€ 71,--

Rock oil fango pack

€ 27,--

Double size rock oil fango pack

€ 38,--

Rock oil bath

(approx. 40 minutes with relaxation break)
€ 30,--

Atrium Spa beauty bath

Your skin will thank you.
€ 63,--


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