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Golf tournaments in Achenkirch

The tournament calendar at the Posthotel Alpengolf Golf Club is packed with golfing events! Be it a professional competition or the weekly Posthotel rally - you can enjoy selected tournaments and unique golfing events on the stylish Posthotel golf course. Along with an idyllic panoramic view ...

You are guaranteed to really enjoy playing golf here! As a player, or also simply just experiencing the uniquely beautiful golf course at the top 5-star wellness hotel in the Tyrolean Alps.

Golf tournaments in Achenkirch:

 Fri 03/09  Posthotel rally
 Sat 11/09  1st Posthotel golf & tennis cup
 Fri 17/09  Posthotel rally
 Fri 24/09  Posthotel rally
 Sat 25/09  Battle of the sexes, part 2
 Fri 01/10  Posthotel rally
 Fri 08/10  Posthotel rally
 Sat 16/10  2nd Last Chance golf cup
 Fri 22/10  Posthotel rally
 Fri 29/10  Posthotel rally


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