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Golf lessons on your holiday in Tyrol

As a golfer you most probably dream about the perfect tee shot. Exactly the right drive. An inspired score and confident mastery of the game of golf … Golf lessons at the Posthotel Alpengolf Golf Club help you to edge closer to your goal easily, quickly, and in a stylish atmosphere!

Play with professionals

The experienced Posthotel trainers teach according to the renowned methods of Kagami Golf - Kagami - The natural way to a good game.
You can improve your handicap with golfing lessons on your Tyrolean holiday. And practise the ultimate wellness drive ...

Your Coach on Posthotel Alpengolf:

with Founder and PGA Pro Sabana Crowcroft

The KAGAMI Golf  method is based on the latest Scientific discoveries about the communication between the brain and the body in sports. Our approach is unique in that we work with both the technical and mental elements of the game to discover your potential and be more consistent.

We train the 3 key areas in golf: technique, strategies and mental strength.

The following workshops are offered in Achenkirch:

"KAGAMI Immersion"

This 1-day introduction to the KAGAMI method will give you our success philosophy, as well as some exercises for your long game and short game. The implementation is done on the golf course easily and effectively.

"Handicap Improvement"

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn to turn off your mind during the swing. Discover the power of  "emotional balance" and learn unique KAGAMI exercises that you can apply immediately for your success in tournaments.

"Success and Balance on the Course"

Join this 3-day intensive workshop and make quantum leaps in your golf game. Learn unique mental tools to cope better with stress and expectations, discover your personal "System 4 Success" and experience more joy and success in your golf game.

".... Amazing!  10 over par after 18 holes! Just brilliant, this workshop. "

Jörg Mess  Hcp 23.6 directly after a 3-day workshop.

KAGAMI BOOK & DVD, 33,000 Books sold.

€ 44.90 as a double pack. FREE Ebook Download

The Interactive KAGAMI APP with 11 Video exercises for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded over the APP Store.

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Green fee

9-hole golf
on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
€ 34,--

Green fee

9-hole golf
from Monday to Friday
€ 29,--

"Sunrise" green fee

Play 18 holes for the price of 9
on Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 10:00
€ 29,--

Green fee

18-hole golf
on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
€ 50,--

Green fee

18-hole golf
from Monday to Friday
€ 47,--


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